Instructions for the reopening of Church 

Please note the following instructions for those who come to Mass.

-    Please wash your hands thoroughly before leaving home, and use hand sanitiser when you arrive at the Church.

-    You must wear a mask whilst in Church.

-    You must follow the one-way system to enter and leave.

-    You must maintain 2m social distancing at all times.

-    The toilets are closed

-    If you pick up a leaflet, take it home – DO NOT return it to the boxes in the porch.

-    Do not touch the statues, crucifixes etc.

-    To receive communion, please follow the instructions given at the time.

-    After Mass, please do not gather to talk in the porch; go outside to chat and maintain good social distancing.

-    The piety shop is open, but do not go in! Ask the person on duty to bring out to you any items you require.

-    Please leave doors open to improve air flow and ventilation.

All these measures are designed to keep everyone safe whilst in Church and minimise the possibliity of viral transmission.


The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still suspended – public Mass is for those who wish to attend, and for whom it is safe to do so.


Weekday Masses will be celebrated publicly at 10.30 am Tuesday to Saturday, as usual. 


Click here to access the You Tube livestream feed in the church.

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