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The Vocationists 

The Vocationist Fathers and Brothers are a Catholic Religious Congregation that strives to foster vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life, especially among the poor.

Its main ministry is to identify and guide those who believe they are called to serve God as Priests or Brothers.


The Society of Divine Vocations, more commonly referred to as "Vocationist Fathers", currently serves God's people in Italy, Brazil, United States, Argentina, Nigeria, Philippines, India, Madagascar, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, England and Wales.


Our ministry is carried out in Parishes, Schools, Missions and our main field of apostolate, The Vocationary, a place for vocational discernment and religious formation.


The Vocationist Fathers and Brothers live in community and take the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.



Father Justin Russolillo was born on 18th January 1891 and baptised in Pianura(Naples) on the next day. After completing Grammar School in his home town, he entered the Seminary of Pozzuoli, where he distinguished himself for intelligence, humility and piety. Bishop Zezza and Marquis Zampaglione were glad to pay the Seminary tuition for such a brilliant and pious seminarian.


On 20th September 1913, Justin was ordained a Priest. While kneeling before the Bishop for the ordination, he vowed to the Lord to found a religious Congregation to cultivate vocations to faith, priesthood and holiness.

On 15th May 2022, Pope Francis canonised 10 new saints of the Catholic Church during a Mass in St. Peter’s Square including Blessed Justin Russollilo 

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As a priest, he intensified the work that he had already begun as a Seminary student. When he was appointed Pastor of Pianura on 20th September 1920, he soon started working for the realization of his mission.


On 18th October of the same year, the first community of Vocationist Fathers came into being at the Rectory of St. George's Parish. One year later the Vocationist Sisters Community was formed with the same aims and goals of the Fathers.


The Vocationist Fathers and Sisters rapidly spread throughout Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina and U.S.A. and lately, they reached Nigeria, India, Philippines, Madagascar, Columbia and Ecuador.


Wherever they went, their main goal was the search and cultivation of vocations, especially among the poor and the underprivileged. The Blessed Trinity, the Holy Family and the Mother Church were the source and centre of his spirituality and of his multiple ministries.


The two religious congregations of the Vocationist Fathers and Sisters became congregation of Pontifical Right on 3rd January 1948 and 24th May 1947, respectively. 

Fr. Justin completed his earthly mission on 2nd August 1955, comforted by the Sacraments of the Church. Said petition was readily granted on 3rd April 1978, and on 18th December 1997 Pope John Paul II officially declared that Fr. Justin had practiced the Christian Virtues in a heroic manner and therefore he was being raised to the dignity of VENERABLE. Fr. Justin was raised to the honour of BLESSED by Pope Benedict XVI on 7th May 2011.


The ultimate goal of the Society of Divine Vocations is to direct and lead all members, and through them all people, to a perfect union with the Divine Persons, through communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


For the achievement of this divine union, it works for Universal Sanctification promoting ascetical and mystical life and the propagation of religious life in every walk of life.


For the achievement of Universal Sanctification, it considers the whole world as "a great sanctuary" and directly works for the furtherance of all parochial, Diocesan and pontifical ascetical activities.



Within the Church, the Society of Divine Vocations embraces as its own particular mission, the searching out and formation of priestly and religious vocations, especially among the underprivileged, through its characteristic work, the VOCATIONARY.


Through this charism received from the Lord, it serves the Church in Dioceses, fostering local vocations both for the Diocesan clergy and religious life.



The Holy Church, the Holy Family, and the Divine Trinity are the centre and axis of the Society of Divine Vocations. The Vocationist works in the Church, with the Church, for the Church. He imitates the Holy Family in the relationships of soul-child, soul-spouse, and soul-mother of God.


The spirit of the Vocationist toward the Lord is that of a living image and likeness of Him and of a personal relationship of love with Him with docility to the divine inspirations controlled and approved by the Church.


Toward the neighbour, in every ministry, the spirit of the Vocationist is that of the humble, faithful and loving servant, who becomes everything to all men, according to the characteristics of the good servant found in the revelation of the Old and New Testaments, in order to unite all to the Lord as true religious of God.


Toward himself, the spirit of the Vocationist is that of the daily conversion to the Gospel, in the silence of all his being, and in the multi-faceted oblation of himself to the Lord, in order to be all absorbed in His glory, love, and will.

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